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Gutter Cleaning


Welcome to our gutter cleaning page. Here you can get more information on cleaning gutter drains to ensure free-flowing gutter drain & downspouts. Rose of Sharon Gutter Service is different from other gutter cleaning companies.

Unlike the other guys that simply blow gutters clean, we get down and dirty to make sure that they are cleaned thoroughly and free-flowing. Then we perform a quality control check to insure all joints and seams do not appear to be leaking. If you have underground drainage at your home we do a preliminary check the connections to the downspouts and a check of the underground to see if a clog is present, if so we will check with you the homeowner to see what steps you want to take to handle any problems.


Also, ask about our Preferred Customer Care program. With this new program, you can receive discounts on services through-out the year on repairs and other services we offer.

Our services include:

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Repairs

  • Gutter Guards

  • Gutter Wash

  • Commercial and Residential

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